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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Education and Training Resources

Links to Online Resources

This is a list of ministries and speakers that we have personally been blessed by over the past few years, ministries that provide training and education for healing of painful memories and helping to resolve inner roots of external problems.

Herb Montgomery

In my experience I have found Herb to be the clearest presenter of the gospel as it is in Jesus more than anyone else I have listened to. Herb not only has very clear understandings and presentations of the sometimes confusing concepts in Christianity, but it is also very evident that the passion of God that he talks about so often emanates from his own life.

I highly recommend downloading and listening to his sermons from his website and allowing the Spirit to use these messages to inspire and amaze you with the life-changing insights that God has given this young man.

Renewed Heart Ministries

Thrive - The Life Model by James Wilder

Jim has provided many excellent resources for understanding how the brain works in relationship to the Christian life, coping with trauma, natural development of maturity stages and bonding to others in community. His work is based on not only solid Biblical principles and understandings but also on the latest in brain research and brain scanning technology. His insights provide an excellent foundation for understanding why other ministries work so effectively by giving you the background picture of what is really going on inside the head. This information is well worth the listening. One of the best series is called Joy Bonds. His recent book Living With Men provides an excellent and comprehensive understanding of all the stages of maturity. The book Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You, (The Life Model) is a short but concentrated overview of many of the basic concepts. Jim Wilder is also an educator that trains many counselors, psychologists, business people, pastors and ordinary people who are interested in helping others come to freedom and begin to really thrive.

Recently he has started to release a series of materials designed for local use and training and for churches to more effectively minister to hurting people and to create more genuine bonding in community. I also highly recommend the Munchie Series, Kingdom Snacks, a series of teachings recorded from a class that Jim conducts each week that are very insightful. All of these things can now be found on his website at Lifemodel.org or links from that site.

Other material can be purchased from Deeper Walk International which is a source of materials from many other speakers as well. Phone 877-467-4222

Theophostic Ministry

This ministry developed by Ed Smith is simply a very organized prayer ministry that focuses on helping people find hidden lies embedded in memories that lie at the root of current problems. It is highly effective and Biblical-based even though it is attacked by some who don't have a clear understanding of what is really being taught. Training videos are available from their web site. Phone 270-465-3575


Good News Tour

This is a network of people, speakers and websites dedicated to spreading the good news about the truth about God's character and what He is really like. There are excellent resources and downloads available from their home page and from the links that can be followed from there.

Heavenly Sanctuary

Love and Respect

This is a powerful ministry both for couples and singles. It is for anyone wanting to better understand how the opposite gender thinks and receives messages. This is one of the best resources yet that I have seen for enriching a marriage and many other relationships. I highly recommend ordering the weekend seminar on DVD from their web site and attending one of their live conferences held around the country. Emmerson Eggerichs and his wife Sarah are dynamic and personal, presenting very practical and unusual insights into how to motivate others by meeting their deepest needs. Phone 1-877-DECODES (To place an order)

Love and Respect

Family Foundations International
This ministry headed by speaker and teach Craig Hill has a wonderful wealth of resources from their web site and well as various teaching and ministry seminars conducted all over the world. His Biblical insights on Covenants, Marriage, personal spiritual struggles, relationships, blessing etc. are a tremendous help for anyone desiring to grow in knowledge and healing. I encourage you to attend at least one of their seminars and I will guarantee your life will be changed.
Phone 303-797-1139

Bill Liversidge

Bill is a leading teacher of Inductive style Bible study. A number of very good sermon series are available from Creative Growth Ministries on topics such as the Holy Spirit, Freedom in Christ, parables of Jesus etc. He interweaves many fascinating stories from his years in New Guinea throughout his sermons. Many of his teachings are interactive with the audience. Phone 661-827-8174

Creative Growth Ministries

Biblical Concepts in Counseling

This ministry was developed by John Regier and is very Biblically oriented. Counselors take people, usually couples, through typically 3-5 days of prayer and intensive, focused work to uncover roots that block intimacy in relationships, especially marriage. He outlines ten Strongholds that are problems areas and explains in detail each one and how to be set free by God's grace. Training videos are available from these web sites also. Phone for John Regier's new ministry, Caring for the Heart 719-572-5550 --- Phone for Biblical Concepts 719-574-4840

Caring for the Heart

Light Bearers Ministries

The main speakers for Light Bearers are Ty Gibson and James Rafferty. They have very good sermons available both through their sales department and also downloadable from their web page in MP3 format. I highly recommend getting at least one series by Herb Montgomery. His presentations all revolve around a very healthy and unusual picture of God seldom heard from most speakers.

Atone4Peace Ministry

Kevin & Rose Ferreira were born and raised in South Africa. They both have Masters degrees and are both Certified Christian Conciliators with the Institute of Christian Conciliation, a division of Peacemaker Ministries in Billings, Montana. Kevin & Rose have worked together in mediation for more than five years and have traveled throughout the United States for the purpose of resolving conflicts and restoring relationships. They travel to where you need them to be of assistance. Listen to Kevin & Rose on the radio: Their program, "LifeQuest for Peace" airs each Tuesday at 9:00 am PDT/12:00 pm EDT on Lifetalk Radio. Go to www.lifetalk.net and select the "Listen Live" button on the top left hand side to listen on the web. To check if there is a station near you click "Stations" in the left hand column. Phone 269-208-3853


Clarissa Worley Sproul

Clarissa is a powerful speaker and has a clear grasp of the Gospel. She has a very effective ministry and her series on The Great Teachings of Jesus is available on her web page. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to receive a clear understanding of practical Christianity.

Clarissa Worley Sproul 6935 Battlecreek Rd. Salem Or 97317 Phone 503/793-3846

Clarissa's Web Site

Peacemaker Ministries Peacemaker Ministries is an excellent source of material both for personal growth and for learning how to help others deal with conflict. They have wonderful resources for children, churches, home schools, families, legal conflicts etc. You can read or download many articles from their site by going to Resources and clicking on Articles for a long list of excellent and helpful information. Phone (406) 256-1583 Peacemaker

Elijah House

This ministry is based on teachings and insights from John and Paula Sanford. They have a number of excellent teaching videos available from their web site that deal with practical problems and give remarkable insights as to why we do a lot of the things we do.

Phone 800-788-2131

Elijah House

Jean Sheldon

Jean Sheldon is a professor in California with some wonderful insights into very ancient Mideast culture and how early developments in civilization have given us false foundations of thinking that prevents us from understanding many things about how God operates and what He is really like. She presents some very important and advanced views of God that I believe are the shape of the future. She does not have too many resources other than a few seminars recorded but mostly recordings of Sabbath School classes where she shares her insights. These recordings can be purchased from Sound Reflections – 707-965-2020 or email soundreflections@hotmail.com

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