Random Blog Clay Feet: August 25, 2008
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Three Dream Warnings

I had last night three series of dreams that at the present are somewhat baffling as well as disturbing. As soon as I sat down to write this after getting up this morning I got a call from my sister and before we hung up we discussed the possible reason for these dreams. She feels that this is a series of warnings to me to prepare me for whatever might be coming ahead.

The dreams seemed to fall into three distinct categories. The first had to do with immorality of a very intense nature. The second had to do with explicit violence at a very diabolic, evil level and the third involved spiritualism that connected with my emotions in a very surprising way.

The first dream that deeply disturbed me and that I have no desire to describe in detail had to do with explicit acts of moral abuse carried on by religious leaders of some sort. I was observing activity going on in front of me that was both reprehensible and at the same time strangely fascinating. It was evil of a nature that makes one's imagination want to feed on it in a spirit of judging similar to when people hear about sexual abuse by clergy. It is so easy to allow the imagination to begin to fabricate what might have happened and it simply begins to feed on itself in a sort of self-righteous indignation environment.

By the time I awoke enough to begin to come to my senses, quite literally, I realized that this was not just another dream because my imagination simply does not try to dwell on such things as I was observing in my dream. I then realized that this was more likely an assault from outside of me being artificially implanted into my mind by demonic instigation and I needed to turn to God for deliverance. As I cried out to God in my mind repeatedly, even forming the words with my mouth to externalize some of my prayers I began to get relief from the oppressive thoughts and feel more peace so I could go back to sleep.

But then I began to dream about a different kind of revolting evil, much more violent in nature. Part of it included visualizations of actual events that I had heard on the news a number of years ago where people were thrown out of military aircraft at night over the ocean because they were opposed to their government. As my mind recreated these scenes with again a fascination of horror, I realized once again that I was under assault and I had to pray my way out of this second round of dreams.

But then came another dream that completely caught me by surprise. I didn't recognize the setting from anything that I know about but it was some sort of farm located on a hillside with various buildings around. For some reason in the dream I knew as part of the dream that one of my sisters had recently died, though it is not actually true in real life. But in my dream this sister suddenly showed up to visit me and acted her usual self like nothing was amiss.

I was a little surprised and disconcerted but didn't do anything about it for awhile from simple politeness. But then our daughter's dog who in fact did die a few days ago in real life also showed up in the dream and was likewise acting like his usual self, jumping around with excitement to see me and wanting to jump up and sit on my lap.

At this point in the dream I needed to walk over to another building where other people were sitting around in a room if I remember right. At any rate, as I walked that direction and headed for a set of stairs, I was struggling with what to do about my “dead” sister walking along with me talking about what was going on in her life and family as she always has done and the dog who also had recently died running around wanting to play with me. Both of these I knew for a fact in my dream had already died and yet here they were as solid-looking and feeling as life and I agonized over confronting them to be apparitions as I knew they really were. My conscience told me that I needed to confront them as the demonic counterfeits that I knew them to be in my mind, but my emotions wanted desperately to just leave them alone and enjoy having them around for awhile because I knew that I would miss them and feel much more sad otherwise.

The internal struggle continued and intensified as I walked to the other building and started up the stairs. As I did so I heard someone nearby audibly tell me, “You know what you need to do, don't you?”

Yes, I knew what I was supposed to do, but my emotions were being drawn intensely in the opposite direction and were urging me to just wait a little longer so I could enjoy their company for awhile before I did what I was supposed to do. But then I also began to realize that this was really a trap designed to take advantage of my softer emotions and if I allowed the situation to continue I would quickly lose my ability to escape the control of the demonic spell. After that I would find myself enslaved in a satanic trap that would be far more difficult to escape.

At last I turned to my sister as tried to tell her apparition to leave saying, “In the name of Cr-cr-cr-cr--” But I struggled to even say the word. I realized by this time that the intensity of this temptation was far greater than I had estimated and that it was vital that I follow through on what was on my conscience. Finally I was able to say to her, “In the name of Christ Jesus I command you to leave.”

But the response was not as dramatic as the many stories I have heard growing up, partly because the demons probably knew they were still able to play on my sympathies and that I had a divided heart. So instead of disappearing into thin air as I had hoped, my “sister” began to act very hurt like I had just rejected her like so many other people have done all of her life. She slowly turned away in sorrow and began to walk in the other direction with me following her wondering what would happen next and trying to force myself to repeat the words again against all the desires of my emotions.

As she left, I turned to go up the stairs and the dog was still running and jumping around me and wanting to play and be close to me. I found this even harder to deal with, maybe because my mind knew that he really was dead in real life outside the dream. At any rate, as I tried to bring myself to confront this demonic apparition I collapsed on the stairs writhing in emotional pain and agony, crying and groaning with an intensity that I have not felt in a long time. At this point the enormity of the emotions woke me up again and I had to begin praying my way out of yet another dream while wondering what all of this was about.

I still don't know what it is all about, but like my sister told me this morning, it may possibly be a warning given to me by God in His mercy to prepare me for something coming ahead that no one knows about yet but Him. I pray that if this is true that I will have internalized the lessons needed from this warning so that I will be prepared for whatever it is that is coming.

I do sense that it is increasingly important to pay attention to the material that is allowed to feed my imagination and thoughts. Just listening to news broadcasts often implants images and thoughts and reactions that feed into these areas of evil unnecessarily all too often. I feel that God is calling out a people who will become more and more separated from the way the world thinks and operates and considers harmless and normal. I am particularly pricked by the high standard that I recently found in Isaiah 33:15 describing those who alone are fit to survive and thrive in the fiery presence of the Almighty. Maybe this is another wake-up call for my heart to more closely align with the ways and will of God in the kind of person I am becoming from the things I allow my mind and imagination to dwell on.