Random Blog Clay Feet: March 31, 2009
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Blog Launch

I have decided to differentiate a little more in how I manage my blogs. This is my original blog site and I still have been placing a number of things here. But because it seems to sometimes be a hodge-podge of ideas that sometimes don't seem to fit together all that well, I decided to leave this site more for personal notes, events and such that are not so purely spiritually focused, if that makes sense. I already have two other sites for more specific spiritual focuses but I have decided to launch yet another one that will be more of the catch-all for the insights that seem to suddenly appear out of thin air (or Holy Spirit air if you may believe) that are not along the lines of what I am studying in particular. That is already being covered by my blog titled Deeper Word where I focus on whatever area of the Bible I am currently meditating and studying about.

This new blog is going to be where I post the more miscellaneous items of spiritual interest that usually ended up on this site. That will free this one up for more family or personal or newsy types of things – at least that is what I am supposing at this point.

At any rate, this is sure to mess up some of the links to this site until others come to notice that things have changed a little. I hope no one is offended by this.

As always, my primary focus is not to post things to convince others of my viewpoints so much as to simply share what I am learning and make it available for others to ponder. Because of this I have decided to name my newest blog, Spiritual Ponderings. If this is of interest to you then feel free to click on over and see the latest posts that have kicked it off. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired. And as always, I love to hear your thoughts and response and even questions whenever the spirit moves you to do so.