Random Blog Clay Feet: August 02, 2008
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Overcoming Evil God's Way

This is just a short post about a new book that I am reading. I found out about it from one of my favorite blogs written by Greg Boyd, a pastor in Minnesota. I ordered the book off the internet and started reading it today and am very excited to continue. What I am sensing just a couple chapters into the book is a person who seems to track very much along the same lines as I have felt led over the past few years. And while this author is a Mennonite by denomination I feel that he is very much led of God in his pursuit of truth, especially about the nature of God's government and how He relates to humans throughout all of history.

The book is called Overcoming Evil God's Way and is an explanation and exploration of the nonresistance beliefs long held and taught by Anabaptists since back during the Dark Ages in Europe. I find it interesting that the Anabaptists had influence in the beginnings of my own church back in the 1800's and that unfortunately we missed being shaped more by the influence of the insights I am finding in this book. But what I have seen so far is very consistent with the new revelations about God that I have been personally discovering in my own study and contemplation over the past few years.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about knowing more truth about God's character and wondering about how to reconcile the violence in the Old Testament with the example of Jesus in the New. While I have not gotten to that part of the book yet, based on the reviews that I have read so far I think I am going to be blessed by the study and clear thinking that seem to be the practice of this teacher. If you want to order a book for yourself, you can get it from the same place I ordered it at this address.

If you would like to read a good review about it you can visit this post at Greg Boyd's blog.

If you do get a copy of it I would be quite interested in your take on this book and would like to hear from you. Meanwhile, I will continue reading it myself.