Random Blog Clay Feet: September 02, 2008
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Want to Fly

I woke up a while ago from a kaleidoscopic of dreams involving various emotions, desires and problems that swirl around from my past. After I woke up, a thought began to condense that was amplified by the reading I enjoyed a few minutes later. I need to capture it before I lose it.

In my dream I was riding along a highway and saw a small group of people laying on top of a large kite-type wing riding it like a hang-glider. Then I saw other various similar flying contraptions, some without people on them and some being towed by boats or cars. Immediately an intense desire welled up within me to be able to fly on one of those. My desire to fly has been one of the deepest longings all of my life and when I was younger I used to have frequent dreams about flying, though many of them included great difficulty and inhibitions.

The dream moved on to other unrelated but strange and unexpected events involving pets, estranged family members and the collapse of a trailer house with our things in it after being hit by the wing of an old fighter aircraft taxiing past. I have no idea if any of these things have any meaning for me or they were just a collage created from the process of filing away yesterday's batch of memories. But the intense desire to fly continued into my waking consciousness and linked with the verse I read from one of the devotionals I read.

And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, having an eternal gospel to preach to those who live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people; (Revelation 14:6)

I have heard this text espoused and expostulated all of my life, but I never linked it with my own personal craving to be able to fly like the angels do even though that is exactly what I have always wanted. One of the conditions that I always had associated with my desire to fly was to have as little props as possible while enjoying the freedom of flight. In other words, gliding would be better than motorized flight and hang-gliding even better. Better yet, I heard about para-gliding in which a person could catch an updraft with nothing more than a carefully designed parachute type outfit and could soar around in the air under a giant canopy with very little apparatus involved while enjoying the thrills of seeming weightlessness and seeing the world from high above the ground.

At one point in my life I did manage to earn a private pilot's license but I have not been able to afford to fly for many years now in that capacity. But my desire to fly has not diminished much and I think that maybe it goes beyond just a fancy of my own and is rooted in a primordial function for which humans were originally destined to enjoy and has been stymied by the entrance of sin.

But there was another little element of my dreams that alerted me to something that I believe might be very significant in this context. As I watched some of the flying contraptions I noticed that some didn't have anyone on them and the reason was because it was against the local laws. This stirred up a bit of resentment in me that laws can be so limiting to restrict the natural desires of the heart that are implanted by God.

Upon reflection after I woke up I sensed that there was more to this than simply being prevented from having a good time for a few minutes riding around on something similar to a hang-glider. In fact, the more I consider this in the light of the messages from the three free-flying angels in Revelation 14 I think there is something here that may be very significant. For the longings and desires that have been slowly awakening in my damaged heart currently under reconstruction by the Spirit of God includes an intense desire to be free of the inhibitions that have suffocated my spirit for all of my life and prevented me from thriving and growing and really celebrating life with joy and abandon. And that is the same feeling that I begin to experience when I am allowed to really fly.

One thing that seemed drawn to my attention was the artificial restrictions imposed on those who fail to conform to the ways that the world demands they must live just a few verses earlier.

And he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. (Revelation 13:17)

This is accomplished by the means of rules, part of the counterfeit system of control that has been invented by Satan to mimic the true ways that God relates to His created beings. I have explored this at some length before, but to put it simply, God operates on principles but the world follows the lead of the great deceiver and imposes artificial rules, laws and commands to accomplish its goals. The counterfeit system is based on force and fear and coercion while God's form of “government” is rooted in relationships linked with bonds of real love, selfless service and joyful community. The principles that “govern” all the universe far transcend just the spiritual dimension. What we have labeled as laws delivered by God throughout the ages are often simply revelations of innate principles of reality that have natural consequences both good and bad depending on how we cooperate or try to violate those principles.

But men's laws are based on the artificial system of government developed and refined by Satan, originally Lucifer who once was the closest created being in the whole universe to the throne and the mind of God. This angel is so well acquainted with the ways and truths about God that he is able to counterfeit them extremely convincingly and deceive many throughout the universe into thinking that his new ideas are superior to the ways of God that he considers too weak and too restricting.

In this context it is interesting to see the basic elements that will be involved in one of the final confrontations between the ways of God and the inventions of men following Satan's lead. One of the core beliefs promoted by the world is that community and success must be based on creating rules and laws that force everyone into conformity for the good of all. Law is considered the solution for nearly every problem in this world. But laws and regulations must be backed up by the threat of force through artificial means of enforcement in order to induce fear which is the primary emotion utilized to motivate all who are under the domination of Satan and his agents.

One thing I have noticed about the counterfeit system of law-dependence in this world is the ease with which laws can be enacted and changed on a whim. Laws are almost always created to promote the selfish interests of those in power and whenever another group of people achieve power they immediately follow the same pattern and use their position to impose their own will through laws on those around them.

Sadly, religious people have bought into this counterfeit way of thinking and viewing reality and are too ready with a great deal of condemnation and contempt for anyone who dares to challenge the whole concept of artificial law itself. As a result many people have come under criticism or have had their reputations maligned and destroyed by religious leaders and followers alike simply because they were trying to follow their conscience and the Spirit's leading in their life in contraflow to the imposed restrictions of laws and man-made rules. Religious people often have mistakenly believed that men's laws somehow carry a certain amount of divine weight and must be considered somewhat equal with the far greater principles of reality often referred to as God's laws.

Great wrongs have been committed and excused by following this kind of thinking. Christians under the reign of Hitler demanded that everyone should go along with his ideas and the laws he instituted because they were the rule of government and God commanded us to obey earthly authorities. This sort of logic has been repeatedly used all throughout history and is still very much in vogue today. However, the more I have contemplated and considered the ways and methods of God in relationship to His people the more I see the fallacy of this line of reasoning. On the surface it first appears to be very compelling, but upon closer examination I see that it is a very diabolical deception designed to control and suppress the true people of God by inducing fear and false guilt within their hearts to secure their compliance to men's artificial rule system of control.

So what does this have to do with flying? I think it has a great deal to do with it. For if my heart was designed to experience the thrill of uninhibited flight in dimensions far more important than just my physical body, and if that is God's real plan for my life, then I can be sure that the world's system is going to set itself up against the plans of God for His children and will employ anything and everything possible to prevent God's people from enjoying the freedom of the sons of God. And one of the methods that will be employed most is the full use of the artificial system of law with all its associated guilt, fear, condemnation and intimidation. It will culminate in the use of laws that will prevent God's people from participating at all in the economic system of the world which is another aspect of the counterfeit government that we live under.

Just as men create laws that prevent us from enjoying physical flight with freedom, so too are many of men's laws calculated to prevent us from flying in other dimensions of our life. So if I have a mindset that is controlled by the idea that men's laws are on a par with God's principles of creation and reality, then I am very vulnerable to the manipulation and inhibitions of the world designed to prevent me from following my heart in the ways God desires for me to do. I not only will be prevented from enjoying the thrill of physical flight on this earth but far more importantly I will remain grounded in my spirit and soul from following the lead of the Spirit of God in many other areas of my life.

Romans 8 tells me that those who are the real children of God will be led by the Spirit of God. But that leading will often put them at odds with the artificial restrictions of this world that are subtly designed to force us in a different direction. The tension between the world's system and the gentle, quiet leading of the Spirit will intensify until there will be a complete break between the two and the world will forcibly expel from society those who refuse to comply, they will be completely shut out of the world's sphere of privileges.

Those who have all their life served God from a spirit of fear, have tried to follow His “laws” from a spirit of duty and obligation rather than from a passion induced by and responding to His love for them, these will find it foreign to their thinking to break with their habit of obedience based on fear and will be overcome by the greater fear induced by the world's increasing threats against those who refuse to comply. But those who have been weaning themselves away from the counterfeit model of life on this earth and have instead invested their efforts toward intertwining their hearts with bonds of love and joy with the very heart of God will have a faith that will be found to be their vital link to the salvation provided for them by Jesus Christ. As Revelation puts it, they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. (Revelation 12:11)

Like the angels that they are listening to, they will have learned how to truly fly. For it is not just the words of the angels in Revelation that are significant to God's children but the example and demonstration of how to live life with joy, with fullness of heart, with loud shouts of praise and honor for their God - this is the example that those in tune with the heart and mind of God will learn to emulate. And as we learn to align our thinking and affections with the true ways of heaven we will find that we are in the midst of the greatest flying lessons we could ever imagine even right now. We will learn to fly so well that we will be prepared to fly away from this earth and join the angels in their joyful abandon of praise and song in devotion to the greatest Lover in the whole universe.