Random Blog Clay Feet: May 01, 2008
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Quick Notes

I am starting to get busier this summer with construction jobs which is very good after long periods without any work. This, however, puts some time pressure on me as far as having time to express my thoughts and feelings and observations in writing. But I want to make sure to keep my priorities corrected and not allow work to become the dictating element of my life. It is a channel through which my real Provider is supplying our needs, it is not the provider itself.

I have spent a lot of time over the past week reviewing, organizing and preparing many verses from the Word to add to my web site about the subject of God's wrath. I felt strongly impressed that these verses need to be made available to others who feel a need to study them for themselves. I have been collecting all the verses I could find over the past few years related to this topic in my complete reading of the Bible. It has taken a long time because my Bible study was more focused on listening to God than to getting the whole Bible finished by some artificial deadline.

But some months ago, maybe a year, I finished a complete cycle of reading while noting each text that related to hell, wrath, fire and related topics. I am certain that there are a number more texts to be added but I think I have found the bulk of them. I inserted them into my web site created specifically for this purpose and am trying to also rewrite some of the postings that I put on there a long time ago.

As my own spirit changes and I see more clearly the “edge” that so many of my discussions and writings have that is abrasive, I have a growing desire to go back and completely rewrite much of what was written in the past. I have a deep desire that the truth about God to be seen clearly, but without undue offensiveness. The facts need to be presented in a spirit reflective of God's spirit of love and kindness more than a spirit of argumentation and divisiveness. This is a growing process that I have a long way to go in, but God is in charge of my remodeling project and I trust Him to finish what He started in me.

Anyway, if you are at all inclined, take a look at the ongoing progress on my other site. And additionally, if you know anyone who would be willing to spend a little time networking with me on it, I have been wishing for a long time someone could help me make it more presentable. I am certain I could use some objective input with it, but so far no one has expressed any interest. The reason I created it to start with is to make available what God has been teaching me for several years and has radically transformed my attitudes and perceptions about God and how He feels about us. I feel a growing passion to share with others the real truth about God's attitudes toward all of us so that others can let go of the lies and fears from bad experiences and misinformation they have suffered in their own life. When the real truth about God becomes clear the lies that keep us from loving and respecting Him simply melt away in the presence of His true beauty and glory and we can spontaneously love Him without fear or intimidation.

Well, I need to get ready for work. Hope you are in peace and listening to the quiet Spirit of love speaking to you today from Your real Daddy. He really loves you far more than you think.