Random Blog Clay Feet: April 11, 2009
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Odds and Ends

Since I have somewhat isolated this blog by creating other ones that specialize in what I write on most of the time, it leaves me realizing that I have to be more intentional about relaying things going on in my life if I want to keep this site somewhat active. Most of my writing ends up on my Deeper Word blog and I have not been much at writing about the average kind of life that I normally live. But then there is always that subconscious, subtle pressure of keeping up appearances on a blog....

For the past several months we have been staying after church with whoever feels like staying, and then after sharing some food together we spend some time visiting or sharing about spiritual things. Since nearly everyone lives quite a distance from the church it just seems logical to me that this is the best time to create opportunity for people to come together more effectively socially if they desire. It avoids having to make another trip for people to get together and allows time to socialize more freely than is conducive during a service. So far usually only about five people have stayed but recently a few more people have occasionally stayed by to fellowship with us.

Today we showed a video, the first in a series by John Regier called Rekindling Marital Intimacy. Though it is geared toward helping married people resolve strongholds so that they can enjoy deeper connections with each other, the principles apply across the board for everyone. I have watched this video countless times before but each time it seems almost like the first time there is so much to remember. And it has been several years since I saw it myself.

I am not sure how people felt about it because we got very little feedback so far. The first session is a bit long and sometimes causes feelings of restlessness, but it thoroughly covers the introduction to all the rest of the seminar. This seminar relates details about ten strongholds that the enemy has within our lives and both the effects of those strongholds as well as methods of how to resolve and become free from them. As these strongholds are released from our hearts we can then begin to experience genuine love, affection and fuller life in relationship with those around us.

I am praying that God will do some dramatic things in our church family to resolve the many differences and tensions that are lurking just beneath the surface. I want to cooperate with Him and to have some idea of what His plans are so that I can be part of God's solutions instead of part of the problems. Next week we will meet our new pastor for the first time. We are looking forward to that.

In a few minutes we are going to another town where some friends have invited us to attend a Passover meal at their small Barn Church. They have become interested in studying the Old Testament over the past year or so and recently decided to celebrate a Passover meal together in a unique way for fellowship and enlightenment. I have no idea what it is going to be like but am looking forward to whatever happens.